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Rachelle Roberts, MS, LMFT

Rachelle Roberts, MS LMFT

Treatment of the whole person: mind, body and spirit are emphasized.  Goal is to identify the problem area and the root cause. Treatment is focused on decreasing dysfunctional or maladaptive patterns and increasing functional relationship patterns with self, others and the world.

Price per session:  $100.


Pre-relationship Counseling:  Designed for couples who have been casually dating and would like to take their relationship to a commitment level.  5 sessions include:  Individual Personality Profile, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution 101, His Needs-Her Needs and Where do we take this from here.

Price for all 5 sessions: $500

Pre-marital Counseling: 10-sessions designed for engaged couples wanting to go into marriage with eyes wide open.  Topics include:  Finance, sex, family, career, religion, communication, hidden agendas, personality, power and control, His needs-Her needs and more.

Price for 10 sessions:  $1000

Couples Counseling:  Couples counseling sessions are designed to help both partners see the relationship in a more objective manner, modify dysfunctional behavior, decrease conflict avoidance and increase conflict resolution, improve communication and gain a greater understanding of partner’s personality, love language and communication style.

Price is $150 per session.

GROUP COUNSELING offers a confidential, safe space for participants to gain self-awareness and awareness of others. The experience often reduces loneliness, normalizes experiences, promotes change in quick and meaningful ways.

Groups are $200 for a 10-week module. Price includes book.